Feet Problems: Types And Treatment

The foot is one of the most important parts of the body. It carries our whole body weight and gives us the freedom to walk around. Therefore, one has to take proper care of their feet. Certain foot problems can restrict our movement and prevent us from doing our jobs, exercising and enjoying some of the things we take for granted in life.  Foot pain problems can be due to sprains, arthritis, fracture or even due to footwear.  In fact footwear is one of the leading causes of some of the most common and debilitating foot conditions such as hammer toe and bunions.

Different Feet Problems

The foot is divided into three parts:

The Toes – Most of the problems faced by our toes maybe due to ill-fitting footwear. There are three common problems that can affect our toes; hammer toe, claw toe, and trigger toe.

a)      Hammer Toe affects the knuckle of either the second, third, fourth or middle toes or all of them. It is mainly caused by footwear; that is, frequent use of high heels or ill-fitting shoes. The cause may also be due to medical conditions such as arthritis. For hammer toe treatment you can try wearing shoes that are wide at the toe area or if severe, you would have to undergo surgery to correct it. There are also toe exercises to stretch the muscle.

b)      Claw Toe affects all the toes except the large toe.

c)   Trigger Toe affects the large toe and its effect is classified into flexible, semi-rigid and rigid, depending on toe movement.

The Hind Foot – The feet problems are mainly related to the heel, which acts as a shock absorber while walking.

a)   Plantar Fasciitis occurs at the sole of the heel. It is painful and can be treated with medication, massage therapy, night splints or orthotics, which is a foot support.

b)   Haglund’s Deformity affects the back of the heel. It is caused due to the growth of the bone at the back of the heel. It can be treated surgically and with medications.

 The Forefoot – It is made up of metatarasal bones and sesamoid bones.

a)   Metatarsalgia affects the metatarsal region of the forefoot.

b)   Sesamoiditis affects the sesamoid region of the forefoot. It can be treated with medications or by immobilizing the large toe.

The Arch: It is the curve, which is present between the hind-foot and forefoot. Its problems are flat feet and hollow feet. Flat feet problems occur due to injury or arthritis. They may result in hammertoes. They are painless but it can be treated if it causes pain in the knees or back.

You can prevent feet problems by wearing the right kind of footwear. Take proper care of your feet, that is, keep them clean and free of dry skin. To prevent ingrown toenails, always cut them straight across. Try not to wear high heels for long-periods of time. For example, while going to a party, you can first wear flats when driving and just switch to heels when you reach the party. Similarly, you can then switch back to flats once you leave the party. Finally, maintain a healthy diet. This is because a healthy diet means a healthy you, which in turn will reduce feet problems as they support your whole body weight.

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