Hammer Toe Splint

Using Hammer Toe Splints

One of the best ways to treat the early signs of Hammer Toe is with the use of a Hammer Toe Splint.  A Hammer Toe splint is as the name suggests simply a splint applied to the affected toe to keep it straight and help bring it back to it’s normal shape over time.  The simplest form of Hammertoe Splint is a specially designed pad that sits under the foot and is held in place by an elastic band which wraps around the toe keeping it extended.  This very simple and easy to use splint is also very practical.  It can usually be worn with shoes on and will assist walking rather than impeding it.


Pictured to the left is the simplest form of hammer toe splint.  It is a tight fitting elastic strap that holds the toe, forcing it into a straightened position.  It is designed to help fix both the second and third toes.

This splint will gently lengthen the toe removing the painful pressure often experienced by sufferers of Hammer Toe.  It is also useful in removing the unsightly bulge in footwear caused by the raised toe.  You can buy this splint from Amazong here.


This Dorco Toe Alignment Splint is ideal for those with more severe Hammer Toe or for use at home when you can take your shoes off and is ideally suited as post operative care for those who have had surgery to rectify their problem .  It is designed to align the toes and keep them straight in the same way the above simple PediFix does but with more force.




The SmartToes Toe Stretcher & Straightener is ideal for treating conditions such as Hammer Toe, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis and other toe alignment issues.  As you can see from the image it is placed between each of the toes and can help keep them straight and in alignment.  Obviously this cannot be worn when walking but is perfect when relaxing at home.

You can purchase this Toe Straightener from Amazon today. 



Another very useful treatment for hammertoes is this PediFix felt hammertoe crest cushion.  It is great for those who suffer from Hammer or Claw toes as it can be worn when out and about.  The design is a little different to the others in that it uses a cushion placed under the toe to prop it up.  Doing this will help stop the nail from taping and scraping on the ground every time you take a step.  It is also great if you have the first two toes affected as it can be placed under both at the same time.  Another handy feature is the fact that it will absorb sweat if you are playing sport or if the weather is a little warm.  Click Here to Find out more about the PediFix Cushion

Don’t Just Buy a Splint – Fix The Problem

Remember, if you are at the point where you need to use any of the treatments above you also need to address the root cause of the issue.  It is more than likely the footwear you are wearing that is causing the issue.  If you are a woman it is almost certain that high heels are the cause of your hammer toe.  If this is the case, you seriously need to consider giving them up until the issue is resolved and then make sure you wear them only in moderation.  To find out more about how to care for your feet go to the ‘Looking After Your Feet‘ page.