Hammertoe Compression Socks

One of the things that can happen when the hammertoe condition develops is that the bent toes can pull at the pad of flesh and fat located on the ball of the foot.  This padding is what provides cushioning when you walk or stand and stops the metatarsals (bones) from connecting with the ground.  This generally only occurs in more severe cases of hammer toe, especially where more than one of the toes on the same foot are affected.

The muscles in the toes of a hammer toe sufferer become stretched and weakened which also results in misalignment.  This can cause the toes to rub against each other which is not only painful but can also be debilitating.  Aside from these two issues there is also the problem of the toes rubbing against the upper part of closed shoes.  Wearing open sandals might offer some relief but will not address the first two problems and is only suitable when those particular shoes are appropriate

Hammer Toe Compression Socks

Gel-lined compression socks are a great way to get relief from these irritating and debilitating effects of hammer toe.  The socks as pictured below fit the foot in the same way an opened fingered pair of gloves would fit a hand.  The compression socks wrap around each toe individually which keeps them separate and helps keep them from rubbing together.  The thick socks not only provide relief from the toes rubbing together but also from them rubbing against the upper part of the shoes.

hammertoe gel compression socksThe other major feature of the socks as their name suggests is that they contain gel inserts at strategically determined places.  Particularly at the ball of the foot where the pain of walking can be extreme after the sufferers natural padding has been pulled away.  Some sufferers describe this pain as feeling as though they are walking directly on the bone.  The gel pads provide some relief.  If your condition has reached this level of pain then I highly recommend you contact your medical practitioner for further advise as more intensive treatment will likely be required.

If you are interested in using gel pads to treat your hammer toe condition then the link below will take you to the Amazon website where you can purchase Gel-lined Compression socks online.  This is an inexpensive way to get some relief and get back into the swing of life.

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