Looking After Your Feet and Preventing Hammertoes

Why should we care for our feet?

When we build a house it is vital that the footings and foundation are sound, everything must be in alignment and level.  If these requirements are not met the house will either not stand or will not funtion as it should and will have a reduced lifespan.  Getting it wrong at this point could result in doors that don’t close, windows that don’t open and floors that buckle and bend.  It will even result in problems with the roof, the drainage and the plaster.  What does this have to do with our feet?  Well, our feet are the foundation of our bodies, they affect our ability to walk, run, balance, stand, play sport, do household chores and just enjoy life.  Our feet are connected to our ankles which are connected to our legs which are connected to our hips and then our spines and so on.  Get it wrong at the foundation and your whole body could end up being out of alignment.

Many back problems are the result of poor walking and standing habits which can be the result of a limp caused by a deformity in the foot or an unexplained pain in the foot.  It is not unusual for someone to suffer from headaches which are actually the cause of inappropriate footwear or a foot condition.  I have heard it said that headaches are not caused by a lack of Asprin in the body and it is important for us to find the cause rather than just treat the symptoms.  However, the best practice is to not just treat the cause but prevent it from happening in the first place.

How do we care for our feet?

We can take care of our feet by:

  • Wearing quality footwear and avoiding extreme footwear like high heels
  • Paying attention to what our feet are telling us.  Are they in pain when walking? Do your toes hurt when at work?  Is there a certain shoe that you can only bear to wear for a few hours?
  • Observing  your foot.  Look at them, do they look abnormal?  Have there been any changes?
  • Perform regular exercises targeted specifically at your feet

Treat Your Feet


Your feet have 26 bones and 33 joints as well as many muscles and over 100 ligaments.  This all makes for a very complex system that has to bear your entire body weight on a daily basis and endure all sorts of physical stresses.  Making sure this complex system is kept in shape is critical for your health and well being.   I highly recommend you invest some of your time each week to perform exercises for feet that have been proven to help keep them in shape.

If you are looking for some reliable information on which exercises for feet are going to make the most difference and how to identify some common foot ailments then I highly recommend the ebook ‘Treat Your Feet’ by Jennifer Adous.  She has experienced first hand how a simple foot problem can quickly turn itself into a hip problem and affect ones quality of life.

In the book Jennifer explains:

1. Why your feet hurt

2. Common foot problems and how they are caused

3. Exercises to stretch and strengthen your feet to avoid health issues in the future

Loads of pictures to guide you

She includes lots of photographs to guide you through the foot exercises as well as descriptions and explanations.  If you have stiff, sore or inflexible feet, then this ebook will help you develop a routine that will help you develop a routine to get them back to normal.

Jennifer says:

My goal is to help individuals, like yourself who are looking for solutions to foot, back, and joint pain to help themselves through corrective exercises.”

She also offers a money back guarantee, if you have not seen results in 4 weeks then she will refund your money!  She is also happy for you to contact her via email if you have any questions or concerns about the foot stretches and exercises in the book.

 For A Copy of Treat Your Feet – Click Here