Review of the Mute Snoring Device

Is Snoring a problem?

It is highly likely that if you are reading this it is not because you have a problem with your snoring but because you have a problem with a partner who snores.  It can often put unnecessary stress on relationships and can leave one or both sleep deprived.

But it’s not just the partners who are suffering, studies have shown that 55% of snorers wake themselves up during the night and that 76% of those who snore are concerned about their snoring and the effect it is having on either themselves or their partner or both.

There may be a solution.  Rhinomed’s all new device the ‘mute’ is now available in many pharmacies and could be just what you are looking for to reign in that 2 stroke engine keeping you up at nights.  The technology is different to other anti snore type nasal strips in that it is actually inserted into the nose rather than clipped to the outside.  This new design is said to more effectively increase the flow of air, thus improving breathing whilst asleep.

Does the mute snoring device work?

Mute snoring device

Mute snoring device

The mute works by simply opening up your nostrils to allow greater airflow with less resistance.  The idea being that you will snore less often and at a lower volume as well as wake up feeling more refreshed and with a happier partner.

So far results are looking positive for this device, with an in home trial showing that in 75% of cases, snoring was reduced.  Users took the mute home and used it for 5 consecutive nights with very positive results.  Below is a breakdown of users experiences with the anti snoring device.

  • 78% improvement in breathing at night
  • 73% reduction in snoring severity
  • 65% reduction in snoring duration
  • 67% reduction in snoring volume
  • 63% reduction in snoring frequency

Should I buy the mute for my snoring?

The short answer if you have tried other devices and remedies without luck is yes.  However, this does not guarentee that it will work for you or that it will work effectively enough to justify the expense.  The reason you I say yes is because snoring is such an individual problem and our anatomy is so varied from person to person.

Snoring can be caused by many factors, such as, sleeping position, body weight, deviated septum, congestion, and pregnancy to name just a few.  Some of these issues are more likely to benefit from this particular device than others.  For example, one would assume that seeing as the mute opens the nasal cavity, someone with a deviated septum or other nasal deformation would likely benefit more than someone who is simple congested.

Everyone’s nose is different and that’s why you really need to give it a go to find out.  I have seen mixed reports, some find it amazingly effective to the point where it has transformed their lives and their relationships, through to those who wake in the morning in pain because of the feeling of having the mute in their nostrils.

Buying the right mute

To help deal with the ‘everyone’s nose is different’ issue mentioned above the mute is available in 3 different sizes and because you don’t know which size will be right for you they have cleverly created a pack containing one of each size for you to try at a reduced price.  So when you get your first mute to try out, make sure you buy the 3 size pack.  Then once you know which is right for you, you can buy the standard 3 pack in that size.

In addition to the three sizes, each mute is individually adjustable to fit your nose.  How do you know you have the right fit?  Simple, when you can breath more easily.


There are countless anti snoring remedies available in the market today, from ointments, to pillows, to spare bedrooms :) but Rhinomed’s mute device is backed by extensive research, independent testing and is being endorsed/distributed by some of the leading respiratory companies such as ResMed.  For me this is enough to at least give it a try.

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